Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM)


The only institute of its kind in Australia and one of the few in the world, ANAM is  renowned for its innovation, energy and adventurous programming and is committed to pushing the boundaries of how classical music is presented and performed. ANAM’s students take part in an intensive yearlong course of one-on one lessons, masterclasses and public performances.


ANAM champions the development of our extraordinary music students, who come to study at ANAM via a process of auditions and interviews. ANAM invests in our students’ development via their participation, presentation and involvement in the preparation of over 150 public events (including concerts, recitals and masterclasses) over the ANAM academic year. In addition to this, ANAM students have one-to-one practical lessons from our resident and guest faculty – which includes notable pedagogues and musicians in employ of the nations finest performing bodies – plus group instrument classes and opportunities to perform with their colleagues.


ANAM’s vision is to develop future music leaders who are distinguished by their artistic skill, imagination, courage and contribution to a vibrant Australian music culture.


In 2016, the Simon Lee Foundation is supporting ANAM musicians Eunise Cheng (viola), Fletcher Cox (trumpet) and William Huxtable (violin).







Black Swan Theatre Company


The Simon Lee Foundation is part of Black Swan’s Patrons Club.


The Patrons Club focuses on developing WA artists as part of the Black Swan Lab in the Studio Underground space. Patrons Club members help to implement essential development programs for artists in Western Australia and their support helps to ensure the WA theatre industry remains vibrant and sustainable and promotes opportunities for collaboration between emerging and experienced artists.




The Graduate College of Dance


The Simon Lee Foundation has generously supported The Graduate College of Dance since 2000. In 2004, the College, with the approval of the Simon Lee Foundation, set up a scholarship programme. This merit-based scholarship is awarded to the top dance student in each year of high school. Scholarships are announced at year-end and are valid to offset part of the following year’s tuition costs.


Those who choose to study and devote their time in a specialised field such as ballet and dance learn invaluable skills that will benefit them in whatever career path they choose to follow. Ballet and dance develop a strong focus on discipline, health, organisational skills and teamwork.


Since its implementation, recipients of the Simon Lee Foundation Scholarship have gone on to further their studies in ballet and dance at nationally and internationally renowned training institutions such as the Australian Ballet School, New Zealand School of Dance and Salzburg International Ballet Academy. Others have chosen careers in dance-related areas or in different career paths altogether.


“We thank the Simon Lee Foundation for recognising and rewarding these committed talented students of Western Australia and giving them an opportunity to continue their vocation in ballet and dance at the College.”

The Graduate College of Dance







West Australian Ballet


Developing Young Artists is one of the most important goals of West Australian Ballet. It is an investment in our future, and the future of arts in this state. With the support of the Simon Lee Foundation, West Australian Ballet’s Young Artist Program gives aspiring dancers the opportunity to gain experience and develop their talent, stagecraft and repertoire, and the inspiration to achieve their dreams.


A profile of the Young Artists supported by the Simon Lee Foundation for 2016


Lola Howard




Lola began her full time ballet training in Perth, won the Cecchetti Lucie Saranova Gold Medal in 2012 and was chosen to dance the role of ‘Crow’ in Chrissie Parrott’s production of Birdies for the UWA centenary in 2013.


She was accepted into the New Zealand School of Dance in 2014, graduating with a certificate in Classical Dance Performance in 2015. As a scholarship student at the New Zealand School of Dance Lola was invited to attend the National Ballet School of Canada in 2015.


She performed in both graduations seasons dancing Balanchine’s Concerto Barocco in 2014, a soloist role in Paquita in 2015, and the lead role in the second movement Pas De Deux for MacMillan’s Concerto, receiving both national and international reviews.


Lola is excited for the challenges 2016 will bring with her new position as a Young Artist of West Australian Ballet.



Courtney Radford




Originally Port Hedland, Courtney moved to Perth to continue her ballet training at the Conservatoire. Upon completion she was then offered a scholarship with the Queensland Ballet to take part in their Pre-professional Program in 2015. Whilst in Queensland, Courtney had the opportunity to perform in some Queensland Ballet seasons including touring with the company to perform La Sylphide at the Coliseum in London, as well as other performances with the company back in Brisbane.


After graduating from Queensland, Courtney is very excited to be a part of WA Ballet’s Young Artist and is looking forward to the year ahead.






West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO)


For 2009 – 2011 the Simon Lee Foundation has become a major supporter of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in relation to its professional development program. The program adds considerable value to the experience of individual members of WASO by providing avenues of support for them to access opportunities to improve and develop their musicianship and skills.


In 2012, the Foundation supported Community Engagement and outreach programs focussing on WASO’s Conductor Development Program with then Principal Conductor Paul Daniel. A special event was also held with the Simon Lee Foundation at Frasers, Kings Park that spoke about the Foundation’s Alumni network plans and WASO’s philanthropy program.


In 2013, the WASO and Simon Lee Foundation relationship was further refined to support WASO’s Artist in Residence programs which serves to both build the Foundation’s Alumni as well as assist WASO to provide specific, funded support to Australian artists transitioning into a professional career.


Chris Dragon, WASO Assistant Conductor was the first Artist In Residence for WASO and the Foundation. In 2016, the Simon Lee Foundation is proud to support Lachlan Skipworth, Artist in Residence.








West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra


Proudly supported by the Simon Lee Foundation, the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra’s Associate Music Director program offers a mentoring traineeship for a young and emerging musical directors, who are a recent WAYJO graduate. The program offers the opportunity to develop skills in large orchestral band leading, programming repertoire for an 18-piece big band and developing the leadership skills required to inspire and enhance the skills a experience of the members.


The current beneficiary is Erin Royer, a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. Since commencing as WAYJO’s Assistant Musical Director in late 2015, Erin has enjoyed the opportunity of working with some of the most talented young musicians in the country; shaping and developing music with these young ensembles while gaining a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the style of big band music.


As part of her tenure with WAYJO, Erin hopes to broaden her knowledge and experience with big band leading, while also premiering some of her own compositions for large ensemble with a WAYJO Orchestra.


Erin Royer: “I am looking forward to being the Associate MD as it will help further my knowledge and understanding of Big Band playing, directing and available music, and will be very beneficial to me not only as a player but as a current band director. I am looking forward to learning off the current WAYJO Directors as they have so much experience performing in the jazz world but also educating in the jazz world, I am also looking forward to hopefully sharing my own musical experiences as coming from a classically trained background I feel I have a lot to offer musically but perhaps from a different angle than the expected. My ultimate goal is to learn, educate, make music, have a great time and hopefully pass on my love for music to those coming through WAYJO in 2016.










Garden of Remembrance




Hope, harmony, balance and beauty are the basic principles of the Chinese Garden of Remembrance. Whilst celebrating the contribution of early Chinese miners in the goldfields of Western Australia, the Garden also symbolises the importance of social, community and economic ties between Australia and China today.




School in Vietnam


“We chose to build the schools with Trussrite – an Australian company in Vietnam. The reason for that is that the building materials are better for the conditions in the Mekong Delta. I’ve seen many, many new buildings (some only one year old) which have been built by the Vietnamese and look like a million dollars – for a few months. Then they start to crack – mostly because of the poor foundations. The soil is very soft and muddy in the delta area, and the mistake they make so often is scrimping on the foundations and after a very short time they drop, which causes the whole building to start to crack and come apart. The life span of the buildings can be very short.




By designing our own footings and foundations, it should work if they would really use the materials they should (and which we pay for) but it’s standard to scrimp and use more sand, etc… So – the foundations are easier and cheaper this new way, and the building materials are very light (treated wood from Australia) and so don’t sink into the soft soil. It’s a much more satisfactory way to build in that area, and there is a 40-year guarantee on the work. Due to the fact that Trussrite agreed to send their guys down to Hau Giang to put the schools together themselves, the project worked out cheaper than we thought. Using the funds provided by the Simon Lee Foundation and The Jack Family Trust we managed to build 14 rooms instead of the original 8 as planned. We’ve made a big school, which was desperately needed in the area. It’s being used and is fabulous.


I have a Vietnamese friend who visits Hau Giang occasionally (he was my interpreter there) – he collects clothing and takes it to the villagers. He has visited the school a couple of times and said it’s going well.”


Lyn Annandale

Medical Research




Telethon Kids Institute


The Telethon Kids Institute is one of the largest and most successful medical research institutes in Australia, comprising a dedicated and diverse team of more than 500 staff and students.


Established in 1990 by Founding Director Professor Fiona Stanley, the Institute was among the first to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to major health issues: clinical research, laboratory sciences and epidemiologists all under the one roof, to tackle complex diseases and issues in a number of ways.


Research at Telethon Kids is grouped around four Research Focus Areas:


Located in Subiaco, Western Australia, Telethon Kids has strong affiliations with Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and all the major Western Australian universities, particularly The University of Western Australia.


The Telethon Kids Institute and the Simon Lee Foundation have established the Simon Lee Fellowship in Personalised Medicine for Children with the recipient of the Fellowship being Dr Anthony Bosco, one of Western Australia’s rising stars in the field of systems biology.


The Fellowship is established to enable Dr Bosco to help solve the myriad complexities of the human genome in order to discover effective, individualised treatments for disease reversal and disease prevention in children. In particular, Dr Bosco’s research will help pave the way for the development of new and personalised treatments for children with asthma, autism spectrum disorder, and cancer.







The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute


The Simon Lee Foundation and Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Partnership


Expanding on its exceptional vision of championing the human spirit through many worthwhile endeavours, the Simon Lee Foundation is becoming one of the great philanthropic benefactors of Perth and Australia-wide.


Venturing into supporting the future health of our community, the Simon Lee Foundation has formed a strong partnership with the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, an internationally recognised medical research facility dedicated to finding cures for deadly heart conditions. Established in 1994 with just two scientists, the Victor Chang Institute has a single vision – to reduce the incidence, severity and impact of heart disease.


Working closely together through this partnership, we are proud to have established the Simon Lee Foundation PhD scholarship program which attracts the highest calibre candidates seeking to complete their practical work and thesis at the Victor Chang Institute.


In tandem with our newly established scholarship program, the Simon Lee Foundation is helping the Victor Chang Institute tackle one of the most devastating and potentially fatal cardiac diseases – dilated cardiomyopathy.


Dilated Cardiomyopathy is a common cause of heart failure, stroke and sudden death, and is a substantial burden on the health-care system. It is a condition where the chambers of the heart become enlarged, making it harder for the heart to pump blood throughout the body.


Working hard to ensure medical researchers have the necessary resources to fulfil our need to combat fundamental questions associated with heart disease, we are proud of our association with the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and look forward to a sustainable future together.


Our Impact on cardiac research with the Victor Chang Institute

  • Significantly enhances our own alumni program to include cardiac researchers of the highest calibre among its membership and developing future leaders
  • Connects the Simon Lee Foundation with one of the world’s most significant medical research institutes
  • Allows Simon Lee Foundation scholars to forge collaborative relationships with other influential institutions
  • Adds strength to this Australian-based research and educational program
  • Underscores our commitment to a world-leading centre for training and innovative cardiovascular research – respected internationally for clinical problem solving.