About the Foundation

In 1994, Mr Simon Lee AO established the Simon Lee Foundation in Australia.


The Foundation aligns itself with charities which represent a cultural investment and have some significance in the community. The Foundation also considers the significance of assisting appropriately worthy causes outside Australia.


The Simon Lee Foundation’s philanthropy is spread across the following core areas:


  • Arts
  • Community
  • Education
  • Medical Research


Our aim is to support and encourage excellence and make a meaningful and lasting contribution through the support of individuals who make a difference to our community.


Since 1994, the Foundation’s Alumni of beneficiaries has grown to over 200 recipients and continues to expand and flourish. Many of them have continued their pursuit of excellence in their fields locally, nationally and internationally.

The Founders

Mr Simon Lee AO is the Foundation’s Founder and primary benefactor.


The Founding Trustees were as follows:


  • Mr Simon Lee AO (Chairman)
  • Mrs Joo Sim Lee
  • Sir Charles Court AK KCMG OBE
  • Dr Eric Tan AM
  • Mr Michael Lewis
  • Mr Michael Bowen (Secretary)


On establishment of the Foundation, Sir Charles Court AK KCMG OBE, former Premier of Western Australia commented, “I believe in what the Simon Lee Foundation is trying to achieve and applaud Simon Lee for the example he sets in our community.


Dr Eric Tan also remarked, “The Simon Lee Foundation represents a landmark in the contribution of the Chinese community to Western Australia. In community service, Mr Simon Lee has always acted with compassion, leadership and generosity. This Foundation will enable him to continue his tireless effort in helping to build a better community for all of us. He deserves our wholehearted support.